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We are growing in many ways, continuously connecting more members to our Internet Exchange and adding countries and new data centers to our reach. We constantly invest heavily, both in our network, keeping it up to speed with our growth and our ambitions and our team.


We do things differently. Where traditional Internet Exchanges focus on single Metropolitan Areas, we have changed the IX-landscape and created a European Wide Internet Exchange that connects the major Internet hubs like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris but also covers every other key metropolitan market in Europe.

And we will not stop there. We see new opportunities, new ways of growing, both by further enhancing our products and processes and opening up new markets. Being the ambitious organization we are we have set our goals high and defined the strategies to reach them.


To achieve our goals, our The Hague based team of 24 hard working, experienced professionals needs ambitious and professional reinforcements that want to help us obtaining our goals and grow with us.


You feel comfortable in a relatively small company that gets big things done, a company that is both taking big steps forward as well as constantly striving to improve itself. You feel comfortable with proactively taking on responsibilities and you are able to make a difference by having the following essential characteristics.

You have high quality standards and a positive, flexible attitude. You are analytical and resourceful, a team player that remains calm under pressure and has great communication skills. But most important you are focused on results and go to your professional limits to get things done.

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Bedankt voor het succes van ISPam.nl
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Bedankt voor het succes van ISPam.nl
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