kondigt de start van de bouw van hun nieuwe Flagship datacenter in Amsterdam aan (Engelstalig persbericht)

The new data center will fully run on green power and is designed to meet the growing demand for scalable, reliable, secure and on demand colocation services

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  • 21 december 2016 11:34 uur announces that construction work on their new flagship data center in Amsterdam (AMS01) has commenced. AMS01 features the most advanced data center architecture in the industry and is designed to meet the growing demand for scalable, reliable, secure, on demand colocation services and will run entirely on green power. The carrier-neutral, 10.900 square meter, 10 megawatt facility will house 5.000 square meters of raised floor and will include support and office space for colocation customers worldwide. It is expected to be operational by spring 2017.

A secure and solid foundation
AMS01 is strategically located in Amsterdam Southeast, on the prime fiber network routes from international carriers and backbones in Europe. Therefore, it grands access to low-cost, high-quality connectivity. With the new flagship data center, intends to target enterprises and cloud service providers from all parts of the world. Jochem Steman, CEO at “Our new data center facility in Amsterdam allows us to meet the increasing demand for secure and scalable data center services from businesses and industries worldwide. Thus, revealing the true potential of data-driven digital transformation through globalization. With our colocation services, we are supporting businesses by providing a highly secured, solid foundation. This will enable them to fully leverage the opportunities brought by the digital economy.”

100% green
AMS01 will be Amsterdam’s most energy and cost-efficient commercial data center, with the lowest power and cooling consumption per IT unit. It will be using the most advanced cooling technologies and highly efficient UPS systems. Additionally, it will be running entirely on green power from renewable resources, reducing the environmental footprint to a minimum.

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