Neutral Internet exchange (NL-ix) vergoot Europees bereik.

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November 2, 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands – The Neutral Internet Exchange (NL-ix) today announced it has added 12 new PoP’s to her distributed Internet exchange (530+ members, 1.5 Tbps peak traffic) in the last couple of months, bringing the total number of connected data centers to the European NL-ix network to 86.

“Traditional Internet Exchanges focus on single metropolitan areas, NL-ix however has taken the model of the Internet Exchange to a new level by connecting all major European metropolitan areas”, says Jan Hoogenboom, founder of NL-ix. ”This means that networks can hop on our Peering VLAN on all 86 PoP’s and exchange traffic for a flat rate per port, all over Europe.”

The newly opened PoP’s are located in Rotterdam, London, Paris, Copenhagen(2), Prague, Munich, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Zurich and Berlin(2).

The total number of connected data centers to the NL-ix network is currently 86 with more (Stockholm, Marseille and Milan) planned in the near future. NL-ix expects to connect the 100th data center in the first quarter of 2016.

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About the Neutral Internet Exchange (NL-ix).
NL-ix interconnects 86 carrier neutral data centres in 11 European countries, by a fully meshed low latency network. We enable our members to peer and exchange Internet traffic with all other connected members anywhere in Europe, whilst decreasing bandwidth costs and improving network performance.

Our pan-European Wide Area IX not only reaches the major Internet hubs like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris but is wide spread in Europe covering key metro markets in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. NL-ix is rapidly expanding to more, relevant carrier neutral data centers and we bring the Internet exchange at the doorstep of carriers, ISPs and content networks. With over 530 members already connected and with peak traffic at 1.5Tbps, NL-ix is the 5th largest Internet exchange in the world.

Please take a look at our list of connected data centres for a complete overview.

Media Contact
The Neutral Internet Exchange (NL-ix)
Simon de Boer
Mail: [email protected]
+31 (0)70 302 8818
+31 (0)6 34 98 95 06

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