NL-ix rolt haar complete interconnect portfolio uit over Europa

en voegt daarmee Transport, Routing en Cloud connectivity services toe aan haar Europese portfolio.

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NL-ix maakt vandaag bekend dat haar complete interconnect portfolio vanaf nu beschikbaar is over het volledige NL-ix pan-Europese netwerk.  Dit betekent dat naast de bekende Europese gedistribueerde Peering mogelijkheden NL-ix nu ook Transport-, Routing- and Cloud connect-services buiten Nederland aanbiedt.

Lees het volledige Engelstalige persbericht hieronder:

NL-ix today announced it has rolled out its complete interconnect portfolio across its pan European fabric, adding Transport-, Routing- and Cloud connect- services to its already available European distributed Peering service.

Besides European Peering on the NL-ix Exchange, NL-ix now offers remote peering from all its on-net data centers anywhere in Europe with all important metro based exchanges: LINX, AMSIX, FRANCE-ix, NETNOD and LONAP. Furthermore it can assist Networks in setting up peering sessions with hard-to-get Networks such as Deutsche Telekom, UPC and KPN.

In case peering doesn’t give you all the routes you’re looking for, NL-ix can help by providing NL or EU Routing. With these services you get access to the majority of Dutch or European routes as a turn-key solution without the need to negotiate and setup direct peers. If this still doesn’t give you enough routes you can add Joint Transit, a full routing table from a blend of tier 1 and 2 providers.

NL-ix’s network fabric can not only be used for peering but also for transport. Whether you need to connect two of your datacenter locations or want to distribute content to your customers, NL-ix always has a matching solution leveraging our stable, low latency network.

Cloud Connect
Most cloud providers have options for direct connections to their compute platforms at selected locations. But you may not have a presence in the same data center, city or even country. By connecting our network to those cloud providers we can make those direct connections available to you in any of the sites we have a presence in.

“We have been successfully offering our complete interconnect portfolio in The Netherlands since 2001. Now that we have grown our fabric to a reach of 100 Data centers in all relevant metropolitan areas in Europe and upgraded our Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Marseille, Stockholm hypercore network to fully redundant multiple 100 Gbit/s links and upgraded all our cross links, we feel comfortable introducing our complete interconnect portfolio across Europe”; says Jan Hoogenboom, Founder of NL-ix. “The complete portfolio is available in all datacenters throughout Europe.

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