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  • 26 mei 2015 14:29 uur

Ideally located between the leading European centers of traffic concentration – Amsterdam and Frankfurt – this prominent Dutch neutral data center attracts international providers and enterprises alike, encouraging the development of their networks in the most effective way. By doubling its presence at Serverius, RETN is able to provide reliable connectivity to a larger number of Serverius customers, as well as to support demands for high performance and safe data processing of its own clients from all over the world.

“RETN launched its first IP PoP at Serverius DC1 in 2014. During the past few months we have moved forward and carried out works together that resulted in the second PoP at Serverius DC2. Serverius is well-known worldwide as modern and highly professional neutral datacenter, and we appreciate our steady cooperation. Presence at Serverius enables RETN to deliver reliable services to diverse clients from all over the world and allow them access to high level connectivity that RETN’s network offers between Asia, North America and within Europe”, said Andrey Gazizov, CTO at RETN Ltd.

“With this new PoP in our 2nd datacenter, RETN perfectly applies to the growing demand of international network services in the Netherlands. In our 1st datacenter they proofed to be very successful because they are offering not only a very good network product, but it is also perfectly maintained by high skilled network engineers. With their human approachable sales guys they become one of the most important network partners in our datacenters”, said Gijs van Gemert, CEO at Serverius B.V.


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