Bedrijf is per 1 februari 2017 een digitaal museum geworden dat ruim 10 jaar geschiedenis van de branche toont (2006-2017). De onderstaande gegeven daarom de actualiteit per die datum weer.


Ikoula provides web and application hosting solutions. Founded in 1998, the French hosting provider owns its Data Centers located in France (Picardie and Champagne-Ardennes), which gathers more than 5000 dedicated servers and 8000 Virtual Machines, hosting thereby almost 7000 client’s data. With years of experience in virtualization, Ikoula has successfully adapted its infrastructure to play a decisive role within the Cloud Computing revolution, offering Private Cloud and Public Cloud solutions.
The company places innovation, simplicity and customer satisfaction at the heart of its solutions. With adapted commercial offers, Ikoula is able to serve professionals and very small businesses as well as SMB and large companies through its three entities:

Ikoula Express Hosting : This division provides packaged and flexible solutions it goes from domain name and SSL Certificate to dedicated physical or virtual server, available immediately from the online store.
Ikoula Enterprise Services (IES) : This division made of specialists offering outsourcing, cloud computing and collaborative platforms. Ikoula ensures a 24/7 on-site support and the high availability of your applications.
EX10 : This division is a white label marketplace of collaborative solutions in the cloud, specifically designed for IT resellers and integrators.

Bedrijfsnieuws van Ikoula

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